Flood Damage

Flood damage can be very destructive. No matter the type of property, once flood waters inundate a property, structural damage can take place in no time. Besides, flood damage that has been left unresolved, even for days can cause accidents, illnesses, and diseases that could affect the whole community.

At Austin Water Damage, we are fully aware of the repercussions of weather-related flooding. We know that restoration has to be undertaken as soon as it is safe to do so, to prevent major structural damage that translated to thousands of dollars in expenses.

The Austin Water Damage team will arrive in your location within 60 minutes from the time of call to help you deal with the flooding that has taken place in your home. We have top-of-the-line industrial flood extraction and drying equipment that will ensure that water is extracted from your home in no time. The presence of water within your residence, and how long it stagnates in there will determine the level of damage your home will sustain. And the quicker it is extracted from your home, the lower the chances of heavier damage to the home or commercial space.

We will make sure that your property will be free from moisture and potential mold growth as we implement the latest and most effective drying techniques.


Flood Damage Restoration and Repair Service

Call us up as soon as flooding inundates your property so that we can guide you through dealing with it while you wait for our team to arrive on site. We will be in your property within an hour from the time of your call, and we come in fully equipped with the latest tools and materials that will be needed to extract flood from your property, dry it out and sanitize.

Once our team arrives on your property our expert technicians will be conducting damage assessment, and brief you about the restoration plans that we will be carrying out on your property. The plans will include a free quotation on the cost of restoration, plus of course the timeline of the project.

Once you are fine with the timeline and quotation, we will immediately proceed with the restoration work. We can even get in touch with your insurance provider directly, to lessen the work or hassle on your part. We will make sure that everything will be restored from its pre-flooded state in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

 Natural Disasters, Fires, Recovery We handle it all

Whether the  fire in your home is caused by a natural or man made errors we at Super Dry Austin can help you. Our technicians are all trained and licensed restoration experts that have worked on restoring properties that have been hardly hit by natural calamities.

We have highly-specialized modern industrial equipment that can extract flood waters in a commercial or residential property in no time. Our drying equipment are top of the line, and fully removes moisture from the property eliminating potential mold problems.

You can also rest assure that we will completely disinfect and sanitize your property to ensure the health and safety of all building occupants once the structure is re-occupied. Austin Water Damage is also certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification and you can be sure that the industry sanitation standards are upheld.

At Super Dry Austin e we endeavor to fully restore your property to its pre-calamity state.