Fire Damage

Fire Damage Restoration Austin

Super Dry Austin can deal with fire damage and restore your property into its pre-fire state in no time. We have the technical expertise backed by the most modern equipment to efficiently restore your property by getting rid of the fire damage, smoke, and soot in all areas. We make sure that your home will be safe to reoccupy, as we work on eliminating physical and health hazards that are present in the burnt structure.

Call us up, and as soon as fire officers allow us to work on your property, we will immediately work on restoring your home or place of business. We offer end-to-end fire damage restoration services. This may start from water extraction if residential flooding may have taken place, water damage restoration, removal of fixtures and salvaging of properties, smoke and soot removal, and then the disinfecting and sanitizing of the whole place.

We can even immediately provide a roof tarp, and erect board walls if needed to ensure the safety and security of your home. At the same time, these immediate measures will help protect the home from possible rains and other weather disturbances that ca cause further damage to the property.

So as soon as we receive your call, we will be on your location within the next 60 minutes and conduct a rapid assessment of the property damage that has taken place. We will be discussing our work plan plus timeline with you. Once everything is fine with you, then we will immediately start the job and restore your fire damaged property.


Smoke and Odor Removal - Full Service

Your whole home may not be fully damaged by fire, but smoke and odor will be lingering in the whole property. Unfortunately, smoke and fire-related odors cannot be masked by over the counter solutions because these are deep-seated and will require professional work.

At Austin Water Damage, we can remove those smoke and burning odors permanently as we work to refurbish your property that may have been damaged by fire or smoke. We have the industrial equipment that could fully wash and clean your home interiors and fixtures to finally get rid of odors in your house.

This odors are not only annoying, it can also pose dangers to the health of the whole family. It is definitely necessary to call for professional services when dealing with this.

Apart from home interiors and fixtures, we also clean up smoke damage and odors from furniture, appliances and electronic devices, upholstery, drapery and carpeting. Call us up anytime and we will be on your location 60 minutes from the time of your call. The earlier we deal with smoke damage, the easier to get rid of odor and soot. Get in touch with us today.